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The Directed Tester is for generating a stream of requests, where two consecutive requests are separated by a fixed number of bytes. The requests can be a mix of reads and writes, or they can be invalidations. This can be useful in testing a prefetcher or for generally testing a coherence protocol implemented in Ruby. The source files related to the tester are present in the directory src/cpu/testers/directedtest. The file configs/examples/ is used for configuration and execution of the test. For example, the following command can be used for testing --

./build/X86/gem5.opt ./configs/example/

Though one can specify many different options to the directed tester, some of them are note worthy.

Parameter Description
-n, --num-cpus Number of cpus injecting load/store requests to the memory system.
-m, --maxtick Number of cycles to simulate.
-l, --checks Number of requests to be performed.
--test-type SeriesGetx / SeriesGets / Invalidate
--random_seed Seed for initialization of the random number generator.