Full system code locations

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Full system code locations are as follows:

  • /sim/system - Architecture and OS independent code
  • /arch/<arch>/system.(cc|hh) - Architecture dependent, OS independent code
  • /arch/<arch>/<os>/system.(cc|hh) - - Architecture dependent, OS dependent code
  • /kern/<os>/* - Architecture independent, OS dependent code

Very little of the code that was in /kern/<os> was actually architecture independent. Even things that at first glance appeared to be, actually patched architecture dependent parts of the kernel. Since there wasn't much shared code, I didn't feel any any large amount of effort should be put into sharing litterally 3 lines so unless we find a place where there is a lot of code, os dependent architecture independent code should go in it's proper directory in a namespace for that OS and simply be called by the source architecture and os dependend files.