Legacy ARM Full System Files

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This page contains full-system files that have been distributed with gem5 in the past, but are deprecated/legacy files. The files linked on the Download page should be used instead of these. They are here to simply document what has been available in the past.

  • Tarballs of generic file systems are available from Linaro. Scroll down to the Developers and Community Builds section. Some work will be required to make these suitable for simulation, but they're a reasonable starting point.
  • ARMv8 Full-System Files -- Pre-compiled kernel and disk image for the 64 bit ARMv8 ISA.
  • VExpress_EMM kernel w/PCI support and config -- Pre-compiled Linux 3.3 VExpress_EMM kernel that includes support for PCIe devices, a patch to add gem5 PCIe support to the revision of the vexpress kernel tree and a config file. This kernel is needed if you want to simulated more than 256MB of RAM or networking. Pass --kernel=/path/to/vmlinux-3.3-arm-vexpress-emm-pcie --machine-type=VExpress_EMM on the command line. You'll still need the file systems below. This kernel supports a maximum of 2047MB (one MB less than 2GB) of memory.
  • New Full System Files -- Pre-compiled Linux kernel, and file systems, and kernel config files. This includes both a cut-down linux and a full ubuntu linux.
  • Old Full System Files -- Older pre-compiled Linux kernel, and file system. New users should use package above. This wil likely be removed soon.