Meeting Notes May 16, 2007

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Release Issues

  • Release notes are done
  • Ship release today
  • BK license expires (Nate is working on HG)

Cache Issues

  • Multi-level coherence doesn't work which makes DMAs break
  • Need memtester to do DMAs from another side of the bus
  • Fix WriteInvalidate
    • If a writeback crosses a write invalidate need to drop writeback
  • Need to use a single block cache in the bridge to cache blocks going back and forth to deal with partial blocks.

Stuff that needs to get done now

  • Cache
  • Bus Bridge
    • Ali: Add small cache to deal with partial DMAs flyspray
  • Fix clock edge stuff
    • Nate: Implement clock stuff for all SimObjects based on container flyspray
    • Use this clock stuff everywhere we have "curTick + 1" now, esp. in cache and bus flyspray

New stuff that needs to be fixed

  • O3
    • Kevin: O3 nack support (only needed if hooked directly to memory) flyspray
    • Gabe: LSQ coherence (needed for non-Alpha ISAs) flyspray
  • Bus