X86 Todo List

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Highest priority

  • Flesh out and debug 64-bit modern ISA (what's needed by users)
  • FS-mode core timing issues
    • Debug TimingSimpleCPU issues?
    • In-order pipeline core model support
    • Out-of-order core model (O3) support
  • Multiprocessor timing support: need to enforce atomicity of locked load/op/store sequences in timing cache models
    • Ruby and M5 classic?
  • Performance correlation
    • With real hardware and/or existing correlated simulator
    • Micro-op counts for functional implementation
    • Timing for out-of-order core (requires O3 support)
  • Complete x87 support
  • AVX support

Useful but not strictly necessary

  • Split up ISA output for faster compiling
  • Improve ISA description language support for x86

To do eventually but not right away

  • ACPI support
  • KVM-based fast functional CPU model
  • Virtualization extensions support (AMD SVM, etc.)

Could be done but might never happen

  • other OS support (OSX, Windows, ??)
  • complete real mode support